7 days to go to submit your abstracts and tell us about your work!

You can choose to present your practice and/or research as an Oral Presentation, Practice Workshop, Film Screening or Visual Arts Response – the choice is yours!

Submission Deadline:
Friday 30 November 2018

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Oral Presentations

The focus of the conference is on dialogue. Oral presentations will therefore be strictly limited to 7 minutes, not including questions. Presenters should use a maximum of 10 slides and ensure that presentations focus on

  1. analysing the actual or potential impact of the work, and
  2. identifying the ways in which their work is relevant for community development.

We encourage all presenters to also reflect on the international relevance of their work.

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Practice Workshops

Practice workshops are an opportunity to share the methods and/or outcomes of completed or on-going work with a wide audience. Workshops must be participative and allow for as much exchange of practice and learning between participants as possible. Workshops will be allocated a maximum of 90 minute timeslots. As far as possible, we will try to be responsive to specific requirements for different workshop formats.

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Poster Presentations 

We welcome proposals for poster presentations highlighting developments in practice, research and pedagogical approaches. Posters are particularly appropriate for providing information about work that is still evolving or to enable a visual presentation of complex ideas or summaries of work.

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Film Screenings

There will be film screenings throughout the conference and we are keen to include a diverse range of films to stimulate dialogue and reflection. Makers of all varieties of films, including shorts, animations, community-led initiatives and full length feature films are all invited to submit proposals.

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Visual Arts Responses

We encourage proposals from both established and emerging visual artists and art-activists. This includes proposals from a range of visual media including photography, drawing, paintings, sculpture, mixed media, film installation, illustration, cartoons, animation and craftwork. There are no pre-defined size limits but space restrictions may apply. Installation assistance will be offered by the team organising the exhibition but transportation costs and insurance are the responsibility of the artist/art-activist.

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We look forward to receiving your proposals!
The WCDC2019 Team